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2009 2009 Loitsusein� / The Spell Wall In Spring 2009 I participated in a Kalevala art project which was a collaboration between The Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, The National Art Museum Ateneum and the Aleksis Kivi school. I organized spell writing workshops to 9th graders, and the results were exhibited as an installation called Spell Wall in the project space of the Ateneum art museum during their Kalevala exhibition. There was also the possibility for visitors to participate by writing a spell of their own. 87528739 Poetry workshop in Kustaankartano In April 2009 I organized a poetry workshop in Kustaankartano old folks' home. For the material of the workshop I had collected hundreds of site-specific words together with the residents of a ward I had visited regularly. 87528736 Kruununhaan laulu / The Song of Kruununhaka In May 2009 I made a text installation in four parts to the tram stops of Kruununhaka. I Interviewed people listening to mp3 players in that area and asked, what song were they listening. Then I searched for the lyrics of the songs from the Internet and combined their words to form four new songs, which I presented by genres on the tram stops as a collective soundtrack of the area. 87528734 Kruununhaan laulu / The Song of Kruununhaka 87528737 Kruununhaan laulu / The Song of Kruununhaka 87528727 Kruununhaan laulu / The Song of Kruununhaka 87528740 Kruununhaan laulu / The Song of Kruununhaka 87528741 Paperin j�ljet / Traces of paper For the summer 2009 there was an exhibition erected in the lobby of the office building of Skanska construction company. For the exhibition I organized a poetry workshop for the workers of Skanska. The material of the workshop were the cut out words of an HPAC-workplan I had found from the waste paper of the company. The ready poems were presented as a part of the exhibition. 87528735 T�st� se alkaa / This is where it begins A site-specific installation made in collaboration with the pupils of Aleksis Kivi school. I had asked their favourite books, searched the libraries for their first sentences and written each of them on a separate strip of plexi glass, which hang from the ceiling of the hexagon-shaped exhibition space in a spiral form. 87528633 T�st� se alkaa / This is where it begins The spectator was able to walk around the exhibition space and read all the sentences, but when looking from futher away the words were mixed together as they seemed to be floating in the air. 87528744 T�st� se alkaa / This is where it begins The installation was exhibited for the whole summer. I feel the summer is the time of new beginning for school children, as the old semester has passed and the next one is yet to come. 87528724 T�st� se alkaa / This is where it begins I thought that the first words of our favourite books symbolize our hopes and dreams for the future. They're floating in space transparent and fragile, mixing with each other and yet individual. 87528726 J��t / The Ice There was a group exhibition organized as a part of the Flow festival 2009. The theme of the exhibition was climate change, and works were supposed to be site-specific and also made out of recycled materials. 87528632 J��t / The Ice I collected old bed linen from my friends and sewed a 8 meters long work out of them, presenting a breaking glacier. 87528743 J��t / The Ice Into the work I hid some words that you could only see if you looked very carefully. It said "How will it look like in here when the ice has melted?" 87528742 Runoteltta / The Poem Tent A community-based art project I organized in August 2009 for my fellow inhabitants in our housing cooperative in Espoo. 87528745 Runoteltta / The Poem Tent I had cut out all the words from the tens of information sheets that had been distributed to all apartments concerning the facade repair that had been going on in our buildings from the beginning of the year. Then I invited my neighbours to take part in a poetry workshop I organized on the yard. 87528728 Runoteltta / The Poem Tent The words were used to form poems. Later on, all the poems created in the Poem Tent were collected together as a book that I gave to all the participants. 87528738 Tarinoiden y� / The Night of Stories I organized a poetry workshop in Ymmersta elementary school in October 2009. For the workshop I collected words from the school's library and invited the children to make their own poems using the word notes. 87528725